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The aim of this work was to deepen the understanding of car sequencing, an optimization problem which is receiving increasing attention in the literature. For this purpose, the underlying decision problem was first ascertained and analyzed with respect to its planning environment, before a specialized B&B algorithm was introduced which exploits the specific problem structure. Its applicability was hence demonstrated by a computational evaluation. The contribution of this article is to be seen as threefold. (Fliedner & Boysen 2007 P.1039)

Fliedner M. Boysen N. (2007) Solving the car sequencing problem via branch & bound 191 (3) 1039 Retrieved September 06,2008 from

Drawing on Stevenson’s and Austin’s speech-act theories, this article develops a classification of management’s

responses to the signaling of allegations and controversies on two dimensions: a factual dimension concerning

(dis)agreements on factual claims and an attitudinal dimension concerning (dis)agreements on responsibilities,

values, and norms. On the basis of the distinctions this article develops, the authors provide for a synoptic table and offer a next-step heuristic for the engagement process that started with signaling a concern to management. The article uses an engagement logic that, while keeping the exit option for the investor open, allows management to address signaled concerns without having to let down or to opt out at the first setback in the dialog process between investor and investee corporation. ( Vandekerckhove, Leys, Braeckel 2008 p77)

Vanderkerckhove W., Leys J. Braeckel D. (2008). A speech-act model for talking to management. Building a framework for evaluating communication within the Sri engagement process. (81) 1 p.77-91. Retrieved September 13, 2008 from

A leader needs to set the pace as it pertains to work ethics, do what it takes to get the job done, and do it as a professional. Every day you can see how not to lead by simply watching the news on TV and see how our politically appointed representatives bend the rules and in some cases, simply lie under oath. (Mckew 2007 p 86)

Mckew H. (2007). Leadership: Part reality part perception 24 (6), 86. Retrieved August 30 from

It would be interesting to investigate whether or not the motivations to enter the China market are different from those to enter the markets of other countries. (Cheung, Mizra, Wing-fai,2008, p. 594)

Cheung F., Mizra H., Wing-fai L., Client following revisited 27(4) 593-628. Retrieved October 3, 2008 from

He cannot conclude that he is trapped by the affirmative action practice, or that he is without alternatives. The attainment of his personal goals is ultimately his responsibility, and while this may have been frustrated it has not been negated. (West 2008, p.21)
West, A. (2008). Sartrean existentialism and ethical decision-making in business, 81 (1) 21. Retrieved September 25, 2008 from

Corporate diversity counsel provide strategic litigalion advice, including evaluating, negotiating and confidentially resolving actual or threatened class-action discrimination cases to mitigate damaging media exposure and potentially costly jury awards. (Tyre & Wilkins 2008 p38)
Tyre K. & Wilkins P. (2008). Who is making an impact on diversifying their brands? 40 (6) p.36-39. Retrieved September 25, 2008 from

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