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^^ Management is a major contributor to society. People have different views of management in today’s world. However, several factors enable management to have a positive role in the world. Management enables stronger leadership, communication, teamwork, organization, planning, and values.
Management facilitates people to demonstrate their leadership roles in all aspects of life. Proper leadership enables numerous persons to benefit. School systems have focused on leadership to bring about positive reform. Also, leadership by example is extremely important. People look up to managers for guidance and advice.
In addition to leadership, proper management makes possible stronger communication between individuals. People communicate with each other on a daily basis. Communication is an ongoing process. High-quality management will help develop healthy communication within a business, family, or social group.
Aside from building effective communication, management provides an atmosphere for exceptional teamwork. Without teamwork, an organization will consist of individuals. These individuals will not have a close relationship with other individuals. Disputes may occur if proper relationships and teamwork are not established.
Also, management allows for effective organization. Effective organization allows managers to properly organize its followers and ideas. By organizing information, employees and consumers will be more efficient.
In addition to effective organization, management also enables effective planning. Planning creates an outline for an effective management process. The Bible references numerous stories and verses regarding effective planning. Also, while planning it is imperative to focus on employee and customer needs.
Additionally, values are a key to management. It is essential to have proper morals and values for managing in business. Operating a proper management philosophy requires values to conduct business properly and to deal with people.

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